Vintage set

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Vintage set (52 cards)

High Quality Magic the Gathering Proxy MTG Proxy MTG Card.
Made by German Black core paper, printed by Heidelberg Printer,
which makes it the same thickness and feel as a real Magic card.
These are great proxies for casual play or FNM tournament play.
Once double sleeved will be hard to tell the difference from a real Magic card!

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also supports PPL,debit card,prepaid card,webmoney,western union,bitcoins,etc

which 52 cards ?? Please check below Imgur photos album or read below list.

Black Lotus Beta
Mishra’s Workshop Antiquities
Mox Pearl Beta
The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale Legends
Mox Sapphire Beta
Timetwister Beta
The Abyss Legends
Mox Emerald Beta
Time Walk Beta
Nether Void Legends
Mox Jet Beta
Ancestral Recall Beta
Bazaar of Baghdad Arabian Nights
Mox Ruby Beta
Juzam Djinn Arabian Nights
Mana Drain Legends
Candelabra of Tawnos Antiquities
Imperial Seal Portal Three Kingdoms
Imperial Recruiter Portal Three Kingdoms
Grim Tutor Starter 1999
Mana Crypt Media Inserts
Moat Legends
Metalworker Urza’s Destiny
Taiga Beta
Tundra Beta
Plateau Beta
Savannah Beta
Bayou Beta
Scrubland Beta
Tropical Island Beta
Underground Sea Beta
Volcanic Island Beta
Badlands Beta
Chains of Mephistopheles ?LG LGD Lengends legends
City of Brass ?AN (Arabian Nights) ARN
Concordant Crossroads ?LG LGD Lengends legends
Counterspell ?B Limited Edition Beta (LEB)
Eureka ?LG LGD Lengends legends
Grim Monolith ?UL (Urza’s Legacy) ULG
Guardian Beast ?AN (Arabian Nights) ARN
Invoke Prejudice ?LG LGD Lengends legends
Lightning Bolt ?B Limited Edition Beta (LEB)
Old Man of the Sea ?AN (Arabian Nights) ARN
Serendib Efreet ?AN (Arabian Nights) ARN
Strip Mine ?AQ (Antiquities) ATQ
Swords to Plowshares ?B Limited Edition Beta (LEB)
Temporal Manipulation ?Portal 2 Second Age
Transmute Artifact ?AQ (Antiquities) ATQ
Wrath of God ?B Limited Edition Beta (LEB)
Library of Alexandria Arabian Nights
Power Artifact Antiquities
Sylvan Library Lengends

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